Plans are underway for a Melrose Place reboot and Heather Locklear wants on board because she’s convinced it will help her to steer clear of drugs and booze, can reveal.

Melrose Place was such a happy experience for her,” a source explained. “Heather made a lot of great friends, and everyone has been a huge support to her during this tough time.”

“She just got out of her court-ordered rehab and she doesn’t want to screw up again,” the source continued of the star coming home after completing treatment in October. 

Heather Locklear Hopes ‘Melrose Place’ Reboot Will Save Her From Drugs & Booze_1

Heather Locklear’s Drug Abuse Timeline: From ‘Melrose Place’ To Rehab

Locklear, 58, has run into trouble over the years, going through multiple stints in rehab as she battles substance abuse and mental health issues.

Radar readers know that after mixing Adderall with booze, the troubled actress allegedly attacked her father, tried to strangle her mother and even threatened to kill herself. Most recently, she also attacked a police officer and resisted arrest following a physical fight with her fiancé, Chris Heisser.

Heather Locklear Hopes ‘Melrose Place’ Reboot Will Save Her From Drugs & Booze_2

More Trouble! Heather Locklear Caught Popping Pills Outside Drugstore

Now part of her recovery process is trying to let him go.

“She knows she has to cool things with Chris and getting back to work amongst friends will be good for her,” said the source.

And since working on Melrose Place was such a magical time in her life, the source noted that “it makes sense why she’d want to recapture all that.”

“Plus, she needs the money and wants to prove she can be reliable,” added the source.