Prince Charles Banishes Meghan Markle And Prince Harry From The Royal Family?_1

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Has Prince Charles banished his son, Prince Harry, and his daughter-in-law, Meghan Markle from the royal family as a tabloid is claiming this week? The short answer is no. Gossip Cop can clear things up.

In the latest desperate attempt by a tabloid to create drama in the royal family, Woman’s Day is falsely reporting that Prince Charles is ready to kick the Duke and Duchess of Sussex out of the family. This is just another in a long line of phony reports pushed by the gossip media on the subject and it’s just as false as all the rest of them. This latest article puts a slightly different spin on the bogus narrative, alleging it’s the Prince of Wales who is cutting Markle and Prince Harry off, rather than Queen Elizabeth.

The crux of the invented dispute, according to the unreliable outlet, is that Prince Charles is upset that the duke and duchess trademarked the name their new charity. This, according to the ridiculous report, has Prince Charles in a “fury.” In the story, the tabloid quotes what it calls a “courtier” as saying, “They never consulted with Prince Charles on any of this, despite knowing he’s taking over leading the family as the queen gets on in years.” The dubious source goes on to say, “It’s just the latest act of defiance from Harry and Meghan and a mark of huge disrespect.”

The piece goes on to falsely claim that Markle and Prince Harry “blindsided” the rest of the family with their lawsuit against a London tabloid. The so-called “source” claims, “They’re getting sneakier, and Charles has had enough. He’s determined to spend 2020 weeding out members of the monarchy that aren’t in line, even if it’s his own son.” This untrustworthy source continues, “There’s every chance Charles will decide to cut them off.”

Setting aside the fact that a real palace courtier would never refer to any of the family members by anything other than their proper title, there are a lot of problems with the story. For one, Charles is not running the family, as the article implies. Queen Elizabeth is still firmly in charge and it’s unlikely that will change until she dies, as Gossip Cop has explained in the past. But worse for the tabloid, the Duke and Duchess and Sussex have returned from their six-week vacation to the US and Canada and resumed royal duties this week. They are certainly not been banished by Prince Charles or anyone else. The whole report is likely completely made up.

Making up stories about the royals to sell papers is a common thing for the tabloids and Woman’s Day is no exception. In November, the publication made a bogus claim that Prince William and Kate Middleton were furious with Markle and Prince Harry for skipping Christmas with the queen. Gossip Cop debunked that false report by explaining that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision to spend Christmas with Markle’s mother in California was hardly unprecedented. Prince William and Middleton have spent numerous Christmases with her family instead of the royal family at Sandringham Estate. The idea that they would be upset with Markle and Prince Harry for making the same decision is ludicrous. So is the notion that Prince Charles is banishing anyone from the family.

Update: On January 8th, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they would be stepping back as senior members of the royal family in a statement on their official website. The couple also announced they would be splitting time between the United Kingdom and North America. The duke and duchess made it clear that they will still support the queen and the rest of the family. They were not "banished" as the tabloid claimed.