Taylor Swift Firing Her Team For Letting Her Join 'Cats'?_1

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Taylor Swift is so furious about the poor reception of Cats that she's firing the members of her team who convinced her to join the project? That's one bizarre rumor about the more bizarre film. Gossip Cop found it to be completely misleading.

According to the National Enquirer, Swift is reeling from the "'Cats'-Tastrophe" after the film received poor reviews. "Taylor had hoped this would be her star-making entrée into becoming a massive Hollywood star," an anonymous source tells the magazine, "and now she's worried it might ruin her!" The source does not explain how Swift, with her bevy of accolades and accomplishments, doesn't already qualify as a massive star. "This is her worst nightmare come to life!" the source claims.

"Taylor's so furious, she's looking to ax anyone on her team who helped convince her that this was a great project to launch her career as an actress," the insider continues. Further tipsters argue that Swift "is convinced the misstep will make her poison to producers" of future projects.

"The people around her are walking on eggshells because they've never seen Taylor this upset before," the source says. "She's blaming everyone for this dismal failure. Everything she's touched has turned to gold for her — until this. The claws are out!"

The sources even say that Swift's resorted to using her next album as a distraction to get the media to stop discussing the big-screen musical. Joe Alwyn, Swift's longtime boyfriend, had to step in to soothe the award-winning singer, the Enquirer concludes. "Joe's trying to help raise her spirit," adds the alleged insider, "but it's going to take a bulldozer to pull Taylor's reputation out of the hole Cats has dug for her!"

Cats has admittedly been hammered by both critics and audiences, so the idea of a star being displeased isn't hard to fathom. However, the "Bad Blood" songstress has already given her honest opinion about the project. "I really had an amazing time with Cats," Swift said in an interview last month. "I think I loved the weirdness of it. I loved how I felt I’d never get another opportunity to be like this in my life."

Plus, it's not like Swift's receiving criticism for her work specifically. Although her role was described as a "glorified cameo," she's gotten praise for her brief performance and songwriting contributions. While her co-stars are being featured in various memes and video clips mocking the movie, Swift's gone effectively unscathed. Her main contribution to the film, the track Beautiful Ghosts, was nominated for Best Original Song at the Golden Globes.

Swift is one of the highest-selling musicians of all time. She's won the second most American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards respectively. She's got an Emmy and 10 Grammys. If she truly wanted to become an actor, she could become a lead in a heartbeat for box office draw alone. Cats isn't curtains for anyone involved — aside from the now-shuttered VFX studio that retooled the effects for the fever-inducing felines.

Since Swift is arguably the biggest star involved in the film, it makes sense that she'd get roped into the rumor mills. Gossip Cop already busted Star, a sister publication of the Enquirer, for claiming that expectations for her performance gave Swift serious anxiety. Of course, the outlet had no actual insight into Swift's feelings about the movie before its release. With this latest story, we now know that the tabloids don't have any insight into her feelings after its release.