Joe Giudice Sends Mixed Signals By Seemingly Dissing And Gushing Over Estranged Wife Teresa On The Same Day!_1

Over three weeks after Teresa and Joe Giudice hinted at their split, it seems like the man is throwing some subtle shade at his estranged wife! But that is not all as fans are pretty confused!

The reason is that Joe sent some mixed signals, as far as his relationship with Teresa is concerned, by dissing and complimenting the mother of his four daughters on the same day!

At the same time, his words might not actually be shade at all but rather heartbreak over their separation!

It all started with Teresa posting a pic on her Instagram page that showed her testing the Bella Brow eyebrow kit on a model!

Under the Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s post, Joe took the risk of being misunderstood when he wrote a confusing comment that read: ‘My hardworking wife or was ♥♥♥♥.’

Fans were instantly puzzled to read it, one asking: ‘Or was?’

Was it really a passive aggressive diss or a genuine regret over the fact that she is no longer his wife?

While this comment sent serious mixed signals, a post of his that followed, did not!

What Joe did was post a pic of Teresa using her brand new beauty product, seemingly trying to promote it for her by urging his followers to go on the Home Shopping Network and see his ‘hot momma Teresa [fire emojis].

At the same time, this is not even the first time Joe raves about Teresa following the split.

Only a couple of days ago, he gushed over a pic of her in a plunging dress, writing: ‘Hot mamma looking good babe ❤️❤️❤️.’

It definitely doesn’t sound like something someone would say to their ex, right?

Maybe their marriage still has a chance after all!