Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just returned to England and the royal life after spending almost two months in Canada, but they are already pining to return — full-time!

According to reports, the two are seriously thinking about moving with their 8-month-old son Archie to the North American country.

Tom Bradby, the journalist who made Harry ' Meghan: An African Journey — the documentary that created a rift within the royal family after Harry and Meghan slammed life behind palace doors — said the couple are “considering their options.”

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“I think the truth is there is a lot going on, a lot going on within the royal family and, I don’t know, and I don’t think they know what their future is going to be and what their position is going to be,” Bradby said of Harry, 35, and Meghan, 38, on the program Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, January 8.

“It’s no big secret in their friends that they have been considering their options in the future,” Bradby continued. “I don’t ask what their plans are. They keep that pretty close to their chest and understandably so. I don’t think it’s a done deal, that would be my impression.”

However, he added, “I think there’s a lot of talking to be done, there are a million possibilities, they could go to Canada.”

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As reported, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have fallen out with the royals following revelations of their unhappiness during interviews for Harry ' Meghan: An African Journey.

As a result, a friend of the couple noted that the two could soon head to Canada for a “significant portion” of the year, if not full-time, The Sun reported.

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“Right now they are starting talks with their family about their plans for the future,” the pal told the publication, explaining that “it is clear they are on a different and unique path, and they are very much thinking about what the future looks like for them.”