On January 3, Ellen Page and her wife Emma Portner celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary.

The couple, who were first spotted together in July 2017, announced their married status in a social media post that surprised fans.

“Can’t believe I get to call this extraordinary woman my wife,” the Canadian actress wrote at the time.

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The lovebirds were overjoyed after making it past their first year of marriage.

“Before/after of an over one-year anniversary convo,” Page captioned an Instagram post. “Beyond grateful to all those who fought to allow us to be wife ' wife. I love this magical human. I’m so f**king lucky. ❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️.”

The pair were right to show gratitude to those same-sex couples who paved the way for their public expression of love.

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Among the many pioneers of same-sex love are Ellen Degeneres and wife Portia de Rossi, who recently celebrated 15 years together. Over in England, Elton John has always been proud to show his love for longtime partner David Furnish — even when same-sex marriages weren’t yet legalized.

Page and Portner’s union has helped encourage other same-sex couples, whether or not they are on the road to marriage, to follow suit.

After falling head-over-heels for each other, Kaitlynn Carter and Miley Cyrus were able to publicly enjoy their short-lived romance.

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Similarly, Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson celebrated their love in an Elvis Presley-themed wedding in Las Vegas.

Other couples solidified their love around the same time Page and Portner did. Ricky Martin for example, married just one week after they tied the knot. He and his husband, Jwan Yosef, who recently welcomed their fourth child via surrogate, also helped give same-sex couples hope of having a family.

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Page and Portner have been open about their sexuality and have been known to celebrate Pride. In June 2019, in honor of Pride month, they posted a tasteful nude photo of them lovingly embracing each other.

“HAPPY PRIDE!!! Sending love,” Page wrote in the caption at the time.

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