Elton John’s life is nothing short of heartbreak, tragedy, and scandals. Facing depression and drug addiction, Elton attempted to take his own life several times. Fearing that his career would come to a halt if he revealed his sexual identity, Elton, 72, remained in the closet for a majority of his life.

He would put on public displays of affection for one woman whom he married hoping this would convince the public he was not gay.

Eventually, he fell into a vicious cycle of drug use and, at times isolated himself to the point where he felt extremely lonely in life.

Sex Parties, Drug Addiction, & Suicide Attempts: Inside Elton John's Scandalous Life_1

Drugs, Drag ' Blowout Fights! Elton John Spills Celebs Dirty Secrets In New Memoir

Writer Mark Bego, who sat down with the iconic singer many times and interviewed several of his closet friends and family members, wrote a titillating book on his life.

The book, titled “Rocket Man: The Life of Elton John,“ hit shelves Tuesday, January 7.

Scroll through to learn the most shocking revelations about the singer in the book exclusively obtained by RadarOnline.com.