Courtney Stodden Gets Rose Tattoo After Diva Meltdown Caught On Camera_1

Courtney Stodden got her very first tattoo of a rose to celebrate the New Year—after she had a meltdown caught on camera, as exclusively reported.

The reality TV star, 25, stopped by “Kat Tat” Jackson‘s Beverly Hills shop Enigma on Friday, Jan. 3, to get a tattoo from Mike Ac, the artist from the reality show Black Ink.

Stodden flaunted her body during the visit after a diva disaster scene on her reality TV show Courtney on FNL network.

The busty blonde party girl and former teen bride wore a tight tank top, denim short shorts, and high heels to get the rose tattoo done on her leg near one ankle.

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She seemed to be having a relaxing day after a previous battle.


As Radar recently reported, Courtney, well known for making a spectacle of herself, unleashed an epic rant against her mother Krista in shocking footage.

The reality show Courtney, created and produced by Rocco Leo Gaglioti, gave viewers a look into Courtney’s chaotic life, and the star even admitted to being bi-polar.

While filming the self-titled show, Courtney, Krista screamed at her daughter, “You don’t appreciate anything that I’ve done for you.”

Krista gave Courtney permission to marry her 51-year-old boyfriend, actor Doug Hutchison, when she was only 16, which made her famous at a young age.

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The two have battled for years over their broken mother-daughter relationship, and while filming Courtney, tensions exploded.

“I continue to try and have you in my life. I continue to let you in with my career,” Courtney yelled at Krista, adding, “Mom you need to work out your own problems and stop blaming other people. You blame my father…you blame me, you blame Doug for everything.”

Krista countered to Courtney, “Don’t call me at three in the morning anymore.”

The star shouted back, “I won’t because I know you won’t be there for me. I can’t trust you. I can’t trust my own mother. Do you know how painful that is?”

“Every day I know that my heart is going to break to know that I can’t fking trust my own mother. I am done. I am fking done,” an emotional Courtney shrieked.

Krista previously told Radar about the show, “It got very rough and hurtful at times, but we never quit loving each other.”

Now the TV personality who did Celebrity Big Brother in the UK wants everything to come up roses with her new tattoo.

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