Nearly forgotten former American Idol co-host Brian Dunkleman — who recently hosted Family Feud Live: Celebrity Edition — is caught up in his own vicious family smackdown! has seen legal documents that reveal Dunkleman, who is working as an Uber driver — has accused estranged wife Kalea Nassif Dunkleman of being a drunk, while she’s blasted him as a deadbeat dad.

They’re fighting for sole custody of their six-year-old son, Jackson, but Nassif claims she’s been his primary caregiver.

“[Brian] has never even exercised the shared 50/50 timeshare stipulated to in May, 2016,” Nassif said in court documents filed on June 19.

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Nassif charged that Dunkleman, 48, sent her a text saying: “Just drink yourself to death and get it over with,” according to court records.

Meanwhile, Dunkleman has countercharged in new documents filed Dec. 3 that Nassif has a drinking problem and that she was found “passed out” on the side of the road. She “attacked him,” and he recorded her “punching me in the face and head … in front of our son.”

Nassif was forced to enroll in alcohol monitoring for six months, according to the 2016 custody agreement.

Nassif insisted to the court she’s sober, but charged: “[Brian] has always asserted that I am an alcoholic and that I am drunk all the time, which is not true.”

In a statement, Dunkleman told Radar: “Everything that I have done for the last six years has been to protect my son.”