The need to Protect Our Wives, Daughters; Female Generally in our Houses - Dare Alabi_1

Most times, we place much importance over our properties, cars, phones rings, wrist watches and jewelries than we do to the female occupants in our houses.

We give licences and freedom to artisans and other outsiders to carry out repairs for us in our absence. We are fond of saying "just go to my house, you will meet my wife or daughter, she would tell you what to do".

In the real sense of it, nothing is wrong with the statement but when we consider the security risk involved by allowing outsiders to carry out repairs for us, leaving our wife or daughter to supervise in a secluded and quiet environment, then we need a rethink over this.

Let's be sure that those who handle our repairs at home are people we know very well and most importantly, let's fix appointment for them when it would be possible for us to guide and shield our wives, daughters and relatives from these animals in human robes.

Rape is gradually becoming a rampant thing in our society, hence the need to speak to ourselves.