Man arrested for beating homeless people to death in New York City_1

24-year-old Randy Rodriguez Santos has been arrested for the case of murder of men who were sleeping on the streets of New York City..

A 911 call was made to the authorities on the fifth of October 2019 at about 2 a.m. which reported finding an unconscious man lying in the street with head severely battered. Bodies of three other victims were later found after police arrival, with similar murder cases, and a man brutally beaten was also rescued on the scene.

Witnesses told authorities that a man dressed in a black jacket and black pants was seen brutally striking the head of one of the victims with a metal object. Shortly after, police spotted a man fitting the description and with a metal object in his hand.

He was arrested and charged with four counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and unlawful possession of marijuana. He was first examined by medical practitioners for his 'sanity' status before being charged.