Witness of the Bunga Bunga abuse dies,  family says she was poisoned_1

Former model of the Bunga Bunga parties, known only as Imane- age 34- dies in hospital after battling with illness caused by metals found in her system.

The 34 year old was a witness to the abuse done against women as well as a case of bribery in the infamous club and stood up to speak against the owner, Berlusconi Fadill, but fell I'll of a sudderband has been bed stricken ever since.

Berlusconi was arrested in 2013 and banned from public office, given a seven-year jail term following a sensational trial in which he was found guilty of paying underage prostitute Karima El Mahroug – known as Ruby the Heart Stealer – for sex and of seeking to cover it up. Inane was a strong witness for the case.

Just recently, she filed a strong case of bribery against him, of which she was hospitalized later after doctors found traces of metal in her system. Few weeks later, the 34-year-old model died.

In the above pictures, you could see her on the hospital bed with an oxygen mask, eyes teary and sunken red, in a lot of pain. Her family strongly believe she was poisoned to prevent her from talking further about the heinous acts done in the club.