When would racism ever end??_1

An unidentified white woman was caughton video screaming and hurling at a 14-year-old teen by name Barry Harry, over gum drop litter.

In the video taken by the boy's cousin, you could see and hear the lady raining curses and using the 'n-word'-which of course is a really offensive word to be uses, especially on a teen- on the young boy.

All this happened Sunday just outside a FedEx store in St. Petersburg Florida.

With Barry we're his cousin and grandmother.
In case you missed the words in the video, here's what she said:
"Nu-uh don't even act like that. Pick it up. Find it. Get down on your knees and find it"
'No count, little n**r. That’s how you are are, all y’all - no count, f*ing n**r,'
'Walk around here acting like some! Film me, f
*er, film me,'

Barry however did not respond to the woman's curses and walked away.

When asked about his view on what happened Barry said... 'I thought she was going to attack us. The lady was telling me, "Just pick it up," real loud and just yelling and everything, crazy,' trying to laugh it off.
His mum Tykeshia Henry-Burch however did not take it lightly as she expressed her anger on WFLA
'I was in shock, I was sad, I was mad, I had every emotion there possibly could be,'
'He told me it hurt him and that he felt, well he said to me, "I feel traumatized, mom." I was like, I’ve never taught my children to look at the color of anyone’s skin. Ever. We like people for who they are. We’ve never had any issues. It was very traumatizing,' she added.

'It’s definitely a crazy world. I think that woman was already upset about something else and just a reason to act out, like go from zero to ten. People feel bad for my brother,' Barry's sister Deysha Henry also contributed.

'Yes, he was wrong for dropping a gum wrapper on the ground, but it did not warrant her response. He was going to pick it up, my grandmother told him to pick it up, but as soon as the woman started yelling, my grandmother said, "let’s go,"' she said.

The community is also disgusted by the act as the video attracted 60,000 views and over a thousands upset comments.