Director of Game of Thrones, Neil Marshall agrees with  fans that the final series of the hit show was 'rushed'_1

Game of Thrones director, Neil Marshall has publicly agreed with fans' opinions on the final series being rushed, saying that although the series ended well with the right parts in the right place, it was hastily achieved. The movie ratings by fans was at a poor rating of 58 compared to other seasons which were on scales of 90.

He said to The Sun reporters; 'Ultimately all the characters ended up where they were meant to be, but I think some of them got there in a bit of a rush. I agree that it was a bit of a rush. It felt like things weren't set up well enough. But they all ended up where they were meant to be, though, I got that.'

Fans stormed social media with comments about the dos' and don'ts and flaws of the new series, which were well accepted by the director.