OMG!  Wedding post goes wrong!_1

Being a BRIDE is unarguably the most exciting feeling any lady could have. Every lady wants that PERFECT dream wedding.

An excited BRIDE-TO-BE proudly showed off her heirloom engagement ring on social media, which was once her great-grandmother’s- something memorial- but then, things went horribly wrong. The post drew lots of negative (hurtful) comments, as the photo ended up on a Facebook group- 'That's it, I'm Ring Shaming. '

The 14k gold ring was reduced to something #less than a 'simple-plane' ring, as underneath the post we're #shaming comments.

Someone commented: “Looks like toothpaste.”
Another person thought: “Looks like a squirt of aioli.”
A third added: “It looks like a squirt of mayo.”
This person said: “This looks like a swan.”
And the one that broke the camels back...
Someone said: “It’s semen.”

Seriously, Demeaning a Bride's ENGAGEMENT ring?
That's just... hurtful!