Update on Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's kidnapping case_1

A video has been released, showing Jen Harley's scared posture as she tries to hide from her partner Ronnie, who was also seen holding their 18-month old daughter Ariana.

This security footage was obtained from a neighbour who witnessed the distressing scene that Friday morning. The neighbor told reporters that Harley had come pounding on her glass door asking for help but she was scared to let her in so she called the police instead.

She also told police that hearing the commotion outside, she looked out her window to check what was happening and saw Harley try to drop the baby over her fence while Ronnie chased after her. She also witnessed Ronnie hitting Harley in an attempt to collect the child and once he succeeded, he left the premises.

Harley, however returned a short while later without Ariana asking to use the phone, but was told that the police had already been informed.

Ronnie was arrested, accused of allegedly striking Harley, and chasing her with a knife while holding their 18-month-old daughter, Ariana but later released that Friday after posting his $100k bond.

Video below: