Hip-Hop star Diddy Leaks Phone Number On Instagram._1

Hip-hop music artist Diddy has publicly shared is personal contact to the public, as he said he was trying to 'get a deeper connection with his fans'.

The public is of the opinion that Diddy is going through an emotional phase, as his ex-girlfriend Cassie has recently gotten married to Alex Fine - Diddy's personal trainer. He however revealed that he is entering the 'next era of his life' following his public break-up.

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In the Instagram video, Diddy says "I'm sitting here and I'm thinking that I'm about to go into this next era of my life. I'm going to be doing a lot of positive things, disruptive things, some things I don't want everybody knowing about."
"On the gram, everybody knows about everything, so I want a deeper connection with my fans."

Diddy continued "I came up with this idea, I was going to get a special phone number that I would be able to give with my family and my fans so everybody is down with the movements I'm about."
[i]"The team love movement, Bad Boy, black excellence, entrepreneurialism, getting money, vibrations, inspiration, just special unique content I'm going to share on this phone!"
"On top of that, I'll be able to be in communication with y'all, so when I'm in your city, I'll be able to hit you directly.'I'll be answering questions and accepting resumes, giving information to parties, I'm going to give out my f** number! (917) 746-1444.'"[/b]