Waploaded founder, Fidelis Ozuawala Robbed in Edo state_1

Fidelis Ozuawala, the founder of the popular entertainment blog, Waploaded has taken to his Facebook page to narrate how he was robbed by some armed guys who according to his narration are teenagers.

According to the blogger, he was robbed in the late hours of September 19 along a very busy road in Benin, Edo state capital.

In his account, when the robbers first accosted him, he underestimated them because they were young and wasn't so worried because most people were passing by. He was shocked non of the passerby came to his rescue as he was robbed of his gadgets and money leaving his car because they knew it is immobile.

Read his full narration below;

It was after they hit me with their short cut-to-size gun I knew I shouldn't underestimate the "less than 20years old armed robbers".

They were so small that I started challenging them until one mentioned "you get lucky say we never shoot you".

I still have my suspicion on a car painter shop I left before the incident. On 19th thursday I had to make final arrangements on my car because it would be used for my friends marriage, while driving down home at 7:30pm, my car developed sudden seizures, the car steryl got stuck, I managed to park the side of the road, on starting up the car again the brakes could no longer engage to start up the car.

I notice a car parked behind me, I was scared because the road was busy and people were passing, little did I know in Benin anything can happen and people won't dare intervene.

3 guys came down from the car, like they were about to share pleasantries, there and then a taller one was giving orders, my small iPhone8 was first collected, I was like "what's going on, come on give me back my phone" then a sharp hit on my face, thereafter making it clear to me they were robbers, I had to submit everything with me as they requested, they sure left my car keys and didn't bother talking about the car like they felt the car would always be immobile.

In the face of everyone walking past, I tried to draw their attention to what just happened, some ran away while some advice me to take to my heels and be happy I was alive and in most cases they would have also snatched my car or given much more injuries 🙄

At this time, the said robbers didn't even go that far as they operated a little while along that same busy spot opposite one school of health

Well the did was done, and I couldn't miss the ceremony, I had to do the world greatest multi-tasking, in a space of 5 hours on Friday, getting my car fixed, getting high court's affidavits for my loss and others for my sim card's non identity and of course police extract to enable me ride through to Asaba for the marriage.

We thank God for life, and the purpose of sharing this is to draw awareness to the wickedness of man nowadays and also to be careful,

Before I forget, I kind of wonder how the painter delayed me from 2pm till 7:30pm on spraying just a bumper, well, no exact facts yet but I pray the culprits are held and brought to book to prevent further occurrence to fellow Nigerians.

Up until now, the electrician who fixed the car has been mute to why my car developed such faults, he has shy away from telling me if its inflicted by someone (of which I strongly believe) all he has said so far was it was caused by many things and if he explains I won't understand.

I hate to make anyone feel sorry for me, until everything is done before I usually choose to share, for my dear friends on my WhatsApp and others who has been finding it hard to reach me, I will reply all messages requesting my new WhatsApp number pending till I retrieve my main sim.

Thank you.