Remy Ma backs up Fat Joe in the use of the N-Word_1

The use of the N-Word by Fat Joe has caused raised brows as it's only used among the blacks. The use of the word by a white skinned Joe was kind of like a surprise among the white Americans, attracting critics as it was a 'No' word to be used by the whites.

During a 'State Of The Culture' discussion, raptress Remy Ma defended Joe, approving of his use of the word n*ga. Rapper Budden adding that Fat Joe "has always been that black."

She further revealed that Fat Joe has always been that way his whole life. "I've seen pictures. I know his whole family."

"This didn't happen when he decided to become a rapper or [an] artist. 'Yeah, I'm gonna use the word nga because this sounds cool.'...He's black. Like, that's it."