Librarian  Louise Morrish wins  the Daily Mail First Novel Competition_1

A Secondary School Librarian Louise Morrish, 45, from Hampshire won the Daily Mail First Novel Competition. Prizes are £20,000 advance, publishing contract and literary agent. Her novel titled "The Coffin Club" is a mix of wartime memories, old age and murder.
Overjoyed, she said: ‘The inspiration came partly from my mum, who told me about a club in New Zealand where people got together to talk about death and make plans for their funerals — including designing their own coffins.

‘But my grandmother also played a part in this book. She lived through two world wars — I was doing some research into the period she talked about and discovered lots of incredible stories about the Special Operations Executive, a secret organisation that operated in World War II.

‘I started to think my centenarian could have a secret past in the SOE that she had never told anyone about. That’s why I named my main character Betty Shepherd, after my grandmother. ’ she said.
Prizes we're also given to the top-five runner ups.
Congratulations Louise!