Things get really tight as Kim Kardashian West expects baby number four!_1

The reality star of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim, is kinda in a hectic situation, as she juggled attending law school and dealing with the arrival of baby number four.

She said Sunday on the reality show: “This time right now is so crazy hectic for me,”... “Studying law and the baby coming soon and I have the Met Ball this week. It’s all really overwhelming, I wish I had more time.“

The 2019 MET Gala and the arrival of the new baby(through serrogate) is said to happen the same week! And there seem to be a complication in the delivery.

“The baby is still breech, he keeps turning and then will be sideways,”... It’s pretty dangerous to deliver breech, so they might need an [external cephalic version].” she said.
“A version is just where they kind of push on the baby and try to turn him manually from the outside of the belly,” she explained. “I hope she doesn’t have to do it, because it’s a really scary feeling. My anxiety is through the roof.”
She has the same experience while pregnant with her son Saint.
“This was the last thing that we wanted,” she added.

The celebrity star however would be out of town during this period and is really worried about the whole scenario.
“My sisters are on, so the attorney has my sister’s number,” she told her surrogate at a doctors appointment. “Khloé [Kardashian] hopes that this happens when I’m gone because she wants the baby.”

The surrogate however put be put in an induced labour to avoid further complications.