Fat Joe explains what caused his feud with Jay Z_1

In the entertainment industry, feuds between celebrities after often caused by a lot of various incidents.

Fat Joe and Jay Z were not in good terms with each other for years but the cause was never know to anyone but now, the 'All The Way Up' rapper has revealed what actually triggered the dispute.

In an interview made at Angie Martinez’s show “The Untold Stories of Hip Hop”, Fat Joe revealed that his long time feud with Jay Z was caused by a famous 'street ball' game.

According to Fat Joe, the feud with Jay Z started when Hov attempted to take his team's crown at Harlem's famous Rucker Basketball tournament, which Joe's Terror Squad had won six times in a row.

Joe explains that Jay Z put together a team of stars to come and challenge him for the title and that was what triggered the feud.

Explaining how everything started, he said, "Jay Z's the richest guy in the world. He got everything in the world. The one thing that I love is the Rucker. So one year, Jay Z decides to put a team at the Rucker. I won six championships out there. I'm 99 and one...this is my baby. I felt, why do they want to come to my park and take my little crown that I got?."

It was gather that the head-to-head game between Fat Joe's 'Terror Squad' team and Jay Z's 'Carter' team was called off due to power outage and Jay Z and his team did not reach out for the game rescheduling.

In the recent interview Joe had with Hot New Hip Hop, he revealed that the feud is over. "He's a great guy. You know, we text each other on Christmas [and] New Years. We tell each other how beautiful it is to have such a close relationship and a beautiful relationship and I wished we were friends sooner. It's been a beautiful experience," he said.